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3 weeks holiday in Ko Tao …. let’s do a few dives but don’t take on too much - we’ve got time!

And go…..

We arrive at Assava Dive Centre, move into our bungalow on the beach and meet the fantastic people who work there.  Two dives later the little voice in Trevor’s head that’s been nagging him to complete his Dive Master Certfication becomes the shout that gets him to sign up.  I can just do some fun dives …. or I can do my Rescue Certification.  Yes, lets’ do that!  Some theory, some pool work, some exams and some fun, challenging dives with great diving buddies and guides and !BOOM!  I’m a Rescue Diver.  Now I can just do some fun dives …. or I can qualify as a Master Scuba Diver and supplement my existing Specialities with 3 more.  Some shots from the final Underwater Digital Photography of the Instructor Dive Candidate skills and Search and Recovery dives. 

Thank you to the Nat, Kelly, Marcus and all the amazing staff and friends at Assava Dive Centre for helping me achieve a pipe dream I didn’t even know I had!  What a rush - I am a MSD.

Leigh MSD