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Ban’s and Assava partnered to bring together an amazing and committed group of divers to participate in a coral transplantation workshop. Throughout the day, we learned different techniques for identifying and transplanting viable coral fragments to promote growth and restoration in our reefs.

The day began in the classroom where instructors taught the theory behind coral transplantation and briefed divers on the techniques we would use. Our dive began with a short buoyancy workshop followed by a point-out, where instructors helped identify recent recruits (growing baby coral!). We then identified and collected viable coral fragments that would be transplanted using the various techniques learned. Some fragments, particularly of branching corals like Staghorn, are fixed to underwater structures using zip ties. Other fragments, such as those from massive corals, are fixed to hard concrete blocks using epoxy. We also practiced techniques for mixing epoxy underwater using air-filled buckets and lot of concentration.

Thanks to all the participants and instructors for making this course happen and for creating such a great environment for us to learn new techniques that can be used to support restoration of our reefs.

Credit to : Shannon O Hearn ( Divemaster Candidate)

Eco-Coral-Zipties.jpg  Eco-Epoxy-Process.jpg  Eco-Coral-2.jpg     Eco-Coral-Bouyancy.jpg