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  Learn more about Marine Conservation with our Assava Eco Diving and Non-Diver Programs

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Ecological Monitoring Program Distinctive Specialty – Reef Conservation course

The Ecological Monitoring program is designed to give students an introduction to coral reef ecology and how to view the reef scientifically by assessing key biotic and abiotic reef components. The course teaches students how to use real world scientific sampling and reef survey techniques and certifies them to conduct their own surveys and report data back to the online database. 

Time/Dives: 20 hours/4 dives                  Price: 7,500 THB



Project AWARE Specialty course

The Project AWARE Specialty program is a non-diving program designed to familiarize divers and non-divers with the plight of aquatic ecosystems around the world and describes what individuals can do to help protect aquatic resources. This course can be combined with the PADI Open water, Advanced, Specialty and Divemaster certifications.

Time/Dives: 2 hours/0 dives                     Price: 2,500 THB                


AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty course

Learn about the problems of marine debris and how divers are a part of the solution to keeping our oceans clean. During your dive, you will conduct a Dive Against Debris® survey, including weighing, sorting, recording, disposing and reporting your marine debris to Project AWARE.

Time/Dives: 2 hours/1 dive                        Price: 3,000 THB 

Clean up dive Koh Tao Eco



AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course

The goals of the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course are to inform you about the value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies, to get an education about the causes of declining shark populations, and to inspire you to help sharks by taking action.

Time/Dives: 1,5-2 days/2 dives              Price: 5,500 THB




AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course

In this course you learn about the predicaments of the world’s coral reefs, how coral reefs function and why they are so important to conserve. It also reviews why many reefs are in serious trouble and what individuals can do to prevent their further decline.

Time/Dives: 2 hours/0 dives   Price: 3,000 THB / 4,000 THB with one dive 

Aware Shark Conservation Course




AWARE Fish ID Specialty course

For this course you learn how to recognize fish underwater by different characteristics, dividing them into different families and how to conduct survey techniques on fish.

Time/Dives: 1 day/2 dives       Price: 5,500 THB


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