Master Seal Team

Who can be a PADI Master Seal?

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The PADI Master Seal Team is a program for children eight years or older who are PADI Seal Team Members or PADI Junior Open Water Divers


The PADI Seal Team provides a structured learning environment combined with enjoyable scuba activities. This stimulating program appeals to kids who crave adventure, seek the challenge of learning new skills and want to gain an appreciation for preserving the aquatic realm.


In this Aqua Mission you learn how to identify the aquatic animals in your local area. You'll also learn how some of these animals move or push themselves through the water. It's time to think – and act- like a fish.

Create ID Skills include identifying aquatic creatures and learning hand signals for each.




In this adventure-filled Aqua Mission, you learn what it takes to explore a sunken wreck. With the help of your instructor, you will learn safe and proper ways to look at sunken treasures.

Wreck skills include Buoyancy control, and how to measure and map and underwater wreck.




sunshine dive resort koh tao seal team 2SNAP SHOT SPECIALIST

As you go through the Snap Shot Aqua Mission, you get to try underwater cameras and take pictures of your PADI Seal Team buddies. They also take pictures of you! Hang your dive pictures everywhere so your friends know you're a scuba diver!

Skills include learning to take pictures underwater.


Although you will be spending most of your time underwater as a PADI Seal, good snorkeling skills always come in handy. Here you will learn how to adjust snorkel equipment, snorkel and swim on the surface (no hands), blast and clear a snorkel, remove water from the mask, control direction while swimming.






Having the skills to find lost items underwater is important to a PADI Seal. In the Search and Recovery AquaMission, you'll learn how to search for lost items and bring them to surface.

Search & Recovery Skills include search for a lost item on the pool bottom, remove object from pool bottom using lift bag.



sunshine dive resort koh tao IMG 3009INNER SPACE SPECIALIST

In this specialty AquaMission, you learn how to hover in the water like an Astronaut. You'll also play games that require you to float while catching an underwater toy. Can you make it through an underwater obstacle course? Inner Space skills include: Fin Pivots and hovering.


This is one of the best Aqua Missions yet! Whether you're diving in the pool at night or have the indoor lights off during the day, you'll find diving in the dark exciting and fun. You and your Seal Team buddies will go crazy over this dive.




sunshine dive resort koh tao IMG 0482ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST

In this AquaMission, you play the role of a scientist and practice how to search for and uncover the evil secrets of pollution. Knowing these skills will help you protect the environment above and below the water. Skills include underwater clean-up using search patterns.


It's always good to know where you're going. In AquaMission: Navigation Specialist, you use a compass underwater. You'll also learn to measure distance underwater.

Skills include: Underwater compass use and measuring distance by counting kick strokes.


Good divers always know what to do if a problem comes up while diving. In this fun-yet important – AquaMission, you'll learn how to help your fellow divers if they get in trouble.

Safety Skills: Pre-dive safety check, Cramp releases, self and buddy, throw a rescue line or float, surface buoyancy, self and buddy, rescue tow.




Cost : 10,000 Baht
Duration : 3 Days.
Includes PADI Seal Team crew pack with DVD.

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