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Learning The Ropes

Welcome to our newest PADI Divemaster Candidates Malia and Stefano on their new venture to becoming a PADI Professional. Through Sunshine Divers they have the opporutnity to explore several dive sites around Koh Tao and put their workshop experiences into real practice preparing them for the opprotunity to work internationally on completion of their PADI Divemaster Program. 

The PADI Divemaster program includes several workshops and skill sets. During our current PADI Instructor Development Course Malia and Stefano joined in to participate in the PADI Skill Circuit demonstrations and also deal with problem solving and reinforcement techniques.

Here they conducted the 24 skills from the PADI Open water course so that they can present these skills to certified and non-certified divers during Divemaster Conducted Programs once they are certified.

Malia Free Flow Reg

The PADI Re-Activate online refresher is also another Divemaster Conducted program that is taught to refresh certified divers. The PADI Scuba Review is also the same but offline.  Malia and Stefano did both programs and learned the required paperwork needed to be completed along with the required skills and techniques for the confined and or open water portions of the program.

Fortunately at Sunshine Divers we offer a variety of dive site locations for the diver training and workshops thereby DM candidates have the opportunity to experience different dive environments. Our recent Deep Diver and Search and Recovery workshops were conducted at Southwest Pinnacle and the HTMS Sattakut Wreck. Here we encountered the Whaleshark at Southwest Pinnacle on the Deep Dive workshop and spent 45 mins enjoying the interaction with this amazing creature. On the Search & Recovery the focus was on tieing knots and using a lifting device.   Other workshops include Leading Diver Workshops and Boat Management procedures.

Stefano Milea Leading Workshop