Bella-Fish-Identification.jpgThe PADI Fish Identification Specialty is available to PADI Open Water Certified divers who are looking to gain more knowledge on marine life that is seen while diving. Fish Identification students will learn how to identify characteristics of fish, gain knowledge on survey techniques, and familiarize themselves with PADI Aware and how to protect marine life.

At Assava, divers are introduced to the local fish species such as butterfly fish, angel fish, groupers, wrasse and more. The dive leader will point out different species to the student during the dive, and the students are asked to note the different behaviors, shapes, and patterns of fish species in order to differentiate between them. Thanks to the abundance of fish species that are present around Koh Tao, students are able to witness different behaviors such as fish that travel in schools and those that travel alone.

Obtaining this specialty is an asset to one's diving journey as it allows divers to be more aware of the marine ecosystem, and can help them notice the differences between various dive sites. Students can also learn about the different corals present in the ecosystem such as hard and soft corals. This specialty is a two-dive course that can count towards Advanced Open Water training, and is a great step toward becoming a more aware and knowledgeable diver.

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